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Jalen's Journey seeks to create a safe space where back men, of all ages, can process their exposure to violence, particularly gun violence, and the impact that this trauma has had upon their mental and emotional health.
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Millennials make up ¼ of the US population at a size of over 77 million and are a generation 3X the size of GenX. They are THE progressive group changing the world.  The H! is where critical connections are made with this generation to ignite new perspectives that will empower the lives of high-risk and at-risk black males between the ages of 17-23. 


Embracing the creative legacy of Jalen Anthony Talbert, the H! is where young black males realize their potential and express themselves utilizing creative expressive arts, in turn nurturing their self-esteem, confidence, interpersonal communications, and social value. For every young black male, we empower - we are empowering a family - and by empowering families we will better our communities and the world.



The Talbert Memorial Fund, through the vehicles of inspirational events, creative services, and purposeful products, provides access to mental and emotional health services for those traumatized by violence, specifically gun violence.


Our aim is to dispel the myths surrounding counseling, therapy, and mental health within our cultural context so that black men can receive the help and healing that will lead to health and wholeness.